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Premium Brochure Printing

Order brochures by folding style

Many custom brochure fold styles to choose from.

Print Brochures by Paper Type

Professional folded brochure printing that makes you look good.

Custom brochures in full hd color

Experience the best quality business brochure printing in America thanks to Heidelberg high resolution print technology


Professional printing services that make you look dominate.

Best Selling Business Cards

Best Color Printing Results in The Industry


99.8% Color Match Heidelberg Technology

Professional Business Card Printing Services at Unique Designs is produced using the world's highest qulaity state-of-the-art Heidelberg offset print technology. The flawless resolution and colors of your prints will always be consistent and replicated to an industry impressive 99.8% clone accuracy rate.

Our #1 Favorite Brochure Size & Folding Style

A new modern size that most clients love, including ourselves,

is the 8.5x11 in a half fold as well as a trifold.

How to pick the right paper thickness

First, you want to nail down the main categories - paper thickness, paper feel, and paper features. In this tab, i will discuss business card thickness.

SUPER THIN BUSINESS CARDS (to be subtle): We offer super thin linen business cards that are as thin as the old school cards that were once the standard business cards thickness back in the '70s. These thin business cards have a 100# textured linen material that is great if you wish to be subtle and fly under the radar in meetings. At times, a client does not wish to enter a meeting having their business card scream, "I'm rich and powerful", because you may be perceived differently. A 100# thin business card keeps them wondering of your dominance. It is just 30# thicker than professional letterheads and has a 15% thickness of a credit card. The next step up in thickness is the 14pt cheap business cards. Great for those that do not wish to have their business image judged and simply wish to use a color business card as a form of contact information transfer and nothing fancy.

MEDIUM THICKNESS (to just get by): The standard business card thickness in today's world is most definitely the Premium 16pt business cards. They possess a 50% thickness of a credit card, have a smooth surface and offer an excellent ink absorption capability. The pricing of 16pt business cards is on the cheap side. They are 2nd in line for our cheap business cards category after the 14pt card stock. These are wonderful for customers looking for something standard quality but not in the impressive category (unless you add foil or spot uv to it) but in terms of thickness - it is an average business card thickness used by the entire industry to print premium business cards. A more impressive card that is slightly thicker is the 17pt silk laminated business cards. A top 5 favorite for many of our clients that offers slightly above average thickness with a very cool surface finish.

ULTRA THICK BUSINESS CARDS (to impress): The other extreme is the ultra-thick 32pt business cards which have a 100% thickness of a credit card. These are excellent if you are looking for a wow effect. These heavy super thick business cards are purposely made to help you stand out. They come in an uncoated surface finish which keeps them elegant and without much flash (until you add the option gold foil stamping to it). They also have a painted edge finish if you're feeling wild! This thickness is perfect if you are wanting to get a big wow effect for an impressive business card in terms of weight, not features. Perfect for hotels, boutiques, fancy department stores or creative types such as designers.

THE PERFECT BUSINESS CARD THICKNESS (for all above average occasions) : In all my years of business card printing - if i was forced to move onto a deserted island and i could only bring one business card material with me, i would without hesitation choose the 19pt soft touch business cards which are our suede business cards. They offer above-average thickness and a super impressive touch that you will rarely ever feel in other business cards. The soft touch business card printing offers an optional raised gold foil stamping feature or a raised spot uv gloss effect - both very cool business card options for the soft touch suede business cards. Types of clients that choose our soft touch business cards with suede laminate are, plastic surgeons, real estate agents, graphic designers, fancy steakhouses, interior designers, and anyone looking to be elegant but without much flash to cheapen your look or feel. It is truly the perfect business card that everyone loves. In a group test of 153 staff members, 97% chose the soft touch business cards of all our business card paper stocks. Yeah, they are super cool!

And there you have it, folks! Business card thickness 101. Pick the soft touch suede 19pt business cards - thank me later but have a great day first!

How to Design The Perfect Business Card


BEST COLORS TO USE: Colors undoubtedly play a big role in human psychology. Red says urgency, blue says safe and calm, black purs luxury, shades of green speak peacefully, orange and yellows are friendly and optimistic while gray says balance and neutrality. The colors to choose depend on the emotion to wish to evoke. Restaurant owners should always stick to black, reds, and yellows as those are warm colors that tie into food. A banker or real estate agent tends to do well with blues or greens. If you are in a creative or fun line of work, you can incorporate any color that you personally desire. There is no right or wrong, purely preference but if you are looking to add color to business cards that you wish to be safe with, it is best to follow the color emotion rules that are proven in psychology that i share above. Muted colors show a calmer tone to your business. Neon colors show excitement. If you are in any professional business the colors you choose also fall into the personality of your business. What i like to do when designing the perfect business cards is i create 2-3 very different versions and i ask the opinion of 10 people. I ask them how they feel or percieve the business based on the look. I like to stay nuetral to my work and not fall in love with it so asking others for their option in the end will be the ultimate guide to knowing if you have chosen the perfect colors.

HOW BIG TEXT SIZE SHOULD BE: TThere is no right or wrong text size but there is certainly the rule of never going below the 11pt size. Big text can always be seen as fun or creative but very small text can be frustrating and be seen as poor design work. Small text is certainly creative and modern. Small text is subtle but too small of text is a failed attempt at a modern look. The perfect font size for people of all ages, young or mature is around 12pt. If you wish to get creative you can always pair a large font at around 22pt but you should always stick to no more than 2 font suizes in one design. If you have 7 lines of text and all 7 have different sizes your business cards can look very cluttered.

WHAT CRUCIAL INFO SHOULD BE PRESENT: All contact method of your choice shall be added on there. If you do not wish to have clients call you at random hours of the day, its best to leave operation hours or an email only. Some of our clients leave just a web address as they want to drive traffic to their site and not to a phone rep. One thing for certain is you should always add your logo, the rest is purly up to you and how you wish to operate your business contacts.

WHEN TO ADD PHOTOS: Real estate agents and sales agents tend to always add photos of themselves to their color business cards as the service provided is branded to them personally. Photographers also add a landscape photo to their business card printing. Rarely ever does a photograph belong on a professional business card but if you choose to add a photograph it is always best to add it to only one side.

OVERALL PERFECTION: The perfect business card feedback i receive from clients is always one with neatly organized text that is minimal in colors (2 colors max). The best business cards tend to be simple, minimalistic but with add on features such as spot uv gloss or enhanced paper such as silk laminated business cards or soft touch business cards with suede laminate. A simple business card design can become many times more impressive just by boosting the paper thickness and feel.

In all my years of designing business cards, i have found one thing that works best - when in doubt, keep it simple and go with a nicer paper.

To be creative is to be truly alive,


Why Brochure Printing is an Essential Part of Your Print Marketing Campaign

You decided to launch a print and digital campaign for your business. The digital promotional campaign is taken care of, but what about the print side of it? If you want to maximize the benefits of a print promotional campaign for your business, you need to include the basics like a business card, brochures, flyers and letterheads. Here, we will delve a bit deeper into the importance of brochure printing and why it should be a part of any print marketing campaign.

Why Should I Print Brochures

You decided to launch a print and digital campaign for your business. The digital promotional campaign is taken care of, but what about the print side of it? If you want to maximize the benefits of a print promotional campaign for your business, you need to include the basics like a business card, brochures, flyers and letterheads. Here, we will delve a bit deeper into the importance of brochure printing and why it should be a part of any print marketing campaign.

First, what are brochures and if you’re a business owner, why should you bother printing them? When you print brochures, you are basically producing a document which contains useful information. What’s written on a brochure could be information about your company, the products or services that you are offering, or a new promotional campaign that you would like readers to learn about. What’s good about brochure printing is that the printed material is tangible, the marketing technique is effective, and it’s one of the cheapest ways to launch an informational campaign.

Here are specific instances when brochure printing would be beneficial for you:

  • If you are a new business and you would like people to learn about the products and services that you are offering.

On the brochure, you can indicate your company’s history, mission and vision, and give readers a preview about the benefits that they will gain from doing business with you.

  • If you are an existing business and you have a new product or service that you would like to offer to your target market, print brochures to effectively get your message across.

If you’re offering women’s products, for example, and you are launching a new line of organic facial cleansers, design a brochure which you can distribute in your brick-and-mortar store or send to your mailing list. Add a discount code or freebies and watch your initial sales grow in no time!

  • If you are rebranding, changing your image, reaching out to a broader market, or adding a different age range to your existing clientele, brochure printing is the way to go.

Rebranding means that you are changing or improving your image. When using custom brochures for this purpose, make sure that the look and feel of all your marketing materials is consistent all throughout. If you’d like to reach out to a broader audience, perhaps you can distribute brochures during trade shows. The people who will receive the brochure is already a targeted audience and this is one way to expand your reach. When adding a different age range to your existing clientele, make sure that the design of the brochure appeals to them visually. The way that the brochure is written should also be consistent with the language that your target audience is familiar with.
What Types of Brochures are Available?

Next, when you print brochures, what options can you go for? There are many companies offering brochures online printing packages so you can take your pick from them. Generally, however, the final product of brochure printing is based on the size and folding option that you will choose.

For the size, you can take your pick from these custom brochures:

  • 4.25” x 11”

  • 8.5” x 11”

  • 8.5” x 14”

  • 9” x 12”

  • 11” x 17”

  • 11” x 25.5”

There’s really no right or wrong size – choose one based on your printing needs. Of course, the bigger the size when you print brochures, the more space you’ll have to write your promotional material in.  Companies offering cheap brochures usually require a minimum order of 100 pieces, so base your budget from there.

For the folding options, custom brochures come in these varieties:

  • Accordion

These custom brochures are folded four times length-wise, giving you eight panels or pages to work with.

  • Double Gate

The double gate fold also has eight panels, with the two front pages tucked inwards.  

  • Double Parallel

When you print brochures, you can go for a double parallel folding option which is exactly what the name implies, giving you four back-to-back pages to work with.

  • Half Fold

If you want your brochure designed with big illustrations and a lot of text, select the half fold option which gives you four big pages to work with.

  • Half Then Half or French Fold

Cheap brochures can be made using the French Fold option, which turns a page into four rectangular panels.

  • Half Then Trifold

If you want twelve small rectangular pages, go for the half then trifold custom brochures printing option.

  • Roll Fold

The roll fold gives you eight pages to work with, but the difference with similar folding options is that it looks like a convenient, foldable pamphlet.

  • Single Gate

The single gate fold has six panels and the two front pages can be designed in such a way that it opens up to a bigger surface inside that’s double the size.

  • Trifold

Another variation that can be had for cheap brochures is the trifold option, where six panels are produced.

  • Z-Fold

Lastly, there’s the Z-fold option which gives you six panels to work with.

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